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What's included?

How to Start the Curly Girl Method:

  • Welcome

  • What is the Curly Girl Method

  • Our ebook the Curly Girl Survival guide a quick 30 pages

  • First Wash video

  • Whoops - Is a final wash right for you?

  • How to plop

  • Removing a plop

  • Avoid this when you plop

  • How to plop & avoid wonky curls

  • Drying Options

  • How to diffuse

  • How to pineapple

  • Winter curl hack

  • Swimming with curls

  • Going to the hairdressers

  • How i cut my hair at home

  • What we avoid and why

  • My curl story for inspiration

What is my hair type?

  • Videos to show you how to asses you hairs density, porosity, curl type, width.

  • Printable Hair Test Results page to fill in

Managing the look of frizz

  • Wispy bits

Deep Conditioning

  • How to Deep Condition and different ways to do so

The key to next day curls = sleep protection

  • Different sleep protection options

  • How to pineapple

Refreshes & Next Day Curls

  • How I refresh my hair

  • Different options for refreshing next day curls: Dry, Volume, All over or curl by curl, rescuing clean but fluffy curls

  • Frizz trick not fix

Hair up, then down then up again?

  • Quick hair up that won't crush your curls

  • Doing your make up hack

  • Wispy bits

  • Hair Up Volume

  • Hair Up Bobby pins

  • Hair up in a scarf

Oily Scalp & Build Up

  • Cleanse & Clarify

  • Scalp Talk

  • Things to avoid and do

Knots & Tangles

  • The do's and don'ts

  • Things to avoid

  • New things to try

Creating a Cast & SOTC

  • Creating a cast

  • Scrunching out the crunch

Pump Up the Volume

  • Take your wash day to volume day

  • Fluffing your curls

  • Volume Brush Styling

  • Hair Up Volume

Protein vs Moisture

  • Hair test to see what your hair needs

  • How to do a Bounce Back treatment

5 Different more advanced products applications to try and MORE!

  • Discover 5 more advanced applications

  • Biggest mistakes people make with application

  • Things to avoid

  • Bonus video

Troubleshooting your waves & curls

  • 3 flow charts that show you what to do if: your hair feels yukky,  dry,  frizzy,  becomes knotted,  feels like straw,  losing curls or shine and more!

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Course Overview

    • The Curly Girl Method Club & Your Starter Kit
    • What We Avoid & Why
    • First Wash Video
    • Curly Girl Survival guide e-book 📚
    • Knots & Tangles
    • What is my Hair Type?
    • Great wash day? Let's keep it that way!
    • Next Day Curls & Waves Here you'll find everything you need to breathe life back into your next day curls again.
    • Hair up, then down, then up again
    • Volume Flat hair, do care? Create volume in your washday & with your next day curls to go from day time hair to going all out!
    • Product Application & Styling Tools
    • Frizz
    • Treatments = 1 Deep Conditioning
    • Treatments 2 = Clarifying
    • Treatments 3 = Protein
    • Cast
    • Swimming with curls 💦 🏊‍♀️
    • Extra curl hacks
    • Going to the hairdressers
    • Home hair cuts
    • My hair story & our client transformations
    • Troubleshooting your curls & waves
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