Quick Start Curly Girl Method Guide

Welcome to Quick Start Curls - Perfect for those new to wave and curl care! Learn the essentials for just £5 with our exclusive early bird offer.

🌟 What You'll Learn:

- Understanding CGM and its effectiveness

- What to avoid and why

- Mastering your first wash

- Plopping, drying, and bedtime routines

- Quick 30-page ebook for product suitability

- Detangling techniques for minimal breakage

- Hair tests for type, density, porosity, and width

- Troubleshooting guide for assistance

- Access to our WhatsApp support

📱 Instantly available on your phone, accessible via our app or website. Get started this weekend and transform your curls!

🆓 Bonuses: Explore at-home product options – no obligation to use our products (though it's nice 😉). Enjoy a 20% discount on a starter kit with code inside this course.

Seize this opportunity to nurture your curls with Quick Start Curls - a non-refundable purchase. 🌈✨

Course Overview

    • The Curly Girl Method Club
    • What We Avoid & Why
    • First Wash Video
    • Curly Girl Survival guide e-book 📚
    • Knots & Tangles
    • What is my Hair Type?
    • My hair story & our client transformations
    • Troubleshooting your curls & waves
    • Download our App
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    • Whatsapp Support 📲
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Quick Start Curly Girl Method Guide